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2024 Tax Sale Paper Advertisement

Worcester County will hold its annual Tax Sale for delinquent 2022 and prior real estate and/or water and sewer charges. The auction will begin on Wednesday, May 15, 2024 at 10:00 A.M. and close on Friday, May 17, 2024 at 1:00 P.M. Please visit our website page with Real Auction at


Delinquent accounts will be advertised, as required by law, for four consecutive weeks in local publications with a general circulation in Worcester County beginning the week of April 15th, 2024. Interested parties will find this listing during those weeks in the Daily Times Group (410) 213-9442 (The Daily Times, Worcester County Times, Ocean Pines Independent) and the Ocean City Today Group (410) 723-6397 (Ocean City -Dispatch). The Tax Sale advertisement will be posted here as a link when available. RealAuction will have the properties on the Worcester County Maryland Tax Sale site, link above.  Properties listed that are paid prior to the final day of the sale, May 17, 2024, will not be sold.


All bidders for the 2024 Tax Sale must register with RealAuction. Registration for the sale begins at 10:00 A.M. April 19th and ends promptly at 4:00 P.M. May 3rd. There will be a $100 non-refundable registration fee payable immediately online via ACH debit authorization at the time of registration. In order to bid, an individual or entity must be registered. Funds must be tendered by successful bidders by 1:00 P.M. May 17th. Payment shall be in the amount of taxes due including expenses of sale (attorney, auctioneer, advertising and miscellaneous). A receipt will then be issued by RealAuction. A tax sale certificate will be provided by mail to the tax sale purchaser within thirty days of the date of the sale.

These properties are offered for sale at the risk of the purchasers and neither the Treasurer nor any other party makes any warranties or representations whatsoever either expressed or implied, of any kind or character, with respect to properties or the title thereto. In the event a tax sale certificate is issued and then voided by the Treasurer, through no fault of the buyer, only a refund of amounts actually paid on day of sale, with interest earned as provided herein, shall be made and shall be the Treasurer’s sole liability and limit thereon.

Properties are listed and sold based upon information provided by the State Department of Assessments and Taxation, which is in no way represented to be accurate or correct. The sale, the premises, and the properties are, to extent provided by law, subject to any and all title defects, claims, liens, encumbrances, covenants, conditions, restrictions, easements, rights-of-way and matters of records. In the event of mistake, defective title, description or nonexistence of property, no refund shall be given. Other encumbrances, such as municipal liens, may exist on the properties. Bidders are responsible for conducting due diligence before bidding. If property is in town limits, please contact the appropriate town for additional charges or fees that may be attached to the property. See links below:

Bidders should be well versed in the law regarding tax sales and should investigate the properties and titles thereto prior to purchase or bid. Competent legal advice should be sought by prospective bidders prior to the sale. No legal advice shall be given by the County Attorney, Treasurer, or staff. Bidders representing legal entities are limited to one bidder per property sold. Bidding shall be conducted in accordance with procedures listed on RealAuction. All costs in connection with the foreclosure of the right of redemption and all other title costs are at the expense of the purchaser or purchasers.

All taxes and fees and other impositions, including, without limitation the following: transfer tax, agricultural transfer tax, recordation tax and recording costs required will likewise be at the expense of the purchaser or purchasers. Terms of sale shall be complied with as determined by the Treasurer, who shall be the sole judge of such. These requirements are directory as to the Treasurer and not mandatory. They may be altered by the Treasurer at his sole discretion in the interests of justice, fairness, and efficiency or other good and valid reason.