High Speed Internet Service Providers


Worcester County has many Internet Service Providers available to county residents.  Offered services are provided at the discretion of the individual companies, and services may only be available through parts of the county and not the county as a whole.  

Below is a list of contact information for providers that are known to service areas of Worcester County.

Provider Phone No. Website Service Type

AT&T New Customers

AT&T Existing Customers

800-331-0500 www.att.com
Wireless LTE
Bloosurf 410-957-6060 www.bloosurf.com Wireless
Century Link 855-568-2133 www.centurylinkquote.com Satellite
Comcast 800-391-3000  www.xfinity.com Cable
Eastern Shore Communications 757-695-2080 www.esvc.us Wireless
Exede 844-605-2425 www.exede.com Satellite
Hughes Net 877-746-8480 www.hughesnet.com Satellite
Mediacom 866-550-8636 www.mediacomcable.com Cable
Sprint 844-356-5072 www.sprint.com Wireless LTE
Talkie 844-582-5543 www.talkiefiber.com Fiber
Verizon Wireless 800-922-0204 www.verizonwireless.com Wireless LTE
Verizon DSL & FIOS 800-837-4966 www.verizon.com Satellite/Fiber