Deed Transfer Recordation

E-recording is now available for deed transfers.  For more information click on the following link.  SimpliFile       

The Treasurer's Office collects County transfer tax which is calculated at one half of one percent of consideration. The transfer tax does not apply to the first $50,000 of the consideration for a deed transferring residentially improved owner-occupied real property, provided that the property is the principal residence of the grantee and will actually be occupied by the grantee as the principal residence for at least seven months of any twelve month period. The instrument of writing must be accompanied by a statement under oath signed by the grantee that this is the case.

Checks for County transfer tax should be made payable to Worcester County. State transfer tax and recordation tax are collected by the Clerk of Court. For questions concerning fees collected by the Clerk of Court call
(410) 632-5500 or click on the link below.