Worcester County to Host Two Free Events to Recycle Boat Shrink Wrap

Snow Hill, Maryland (March 22, 2024) – Worcester County Public Works will host two free events to recycle boat shrink wrap. The events will take place the week of April 30 - May 4 and again the week of June 3 – 8 at the Worcester County Central Landfill, at 7091 Central Site Lane Newark, during normal business hours.

Both events will be open to all Worcester County residents and businesses. To participate in the program, the shrink wrap must be free of all rope and door/window openings. Only the wrapping itself may be recycled. Vehicles transporting the shrink wrap material will be required to weigh in and out on the landfill scales, so an accurate weight can be recorded. However, there will be no charge for the weight of the shrink wrap.

For more information, contact Worcester County Recycling Manager Bob Keenan at 410-632-3177 or bkeenan@co.worcester.md.us.