Spring Waterline flushing for Ocean Pines and surrounding areas

The Water and Wastewater Division of Public Works will begin its semi-annual program for flushing waterlines in the Ocean Pines Service Area between the hours of 7:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The following proposed dates for the flushing of the waterlines are subject to change.

Routine flushing of the water system helps to reduce the frequency of discolored water. Public Works crews opOcean Pines Waterline Flushing Scheduleen and close the hydrants and flush out the built-up iron deposits. Sometimes, this can lead to temporary increases in suspended iron, which should settle out within a few hours of the flushing.

Please be aware that, even on dates the water lines in your section are not being flushed, it is still possible to experience discolored water. If area residents notice that their water becomes cloudy during these times, please allow the water to run for a few minutes until it becomes clear. For more information, please call the Water and Wastewater Division at (410) 641-5251.