Plat and Plan Review

This process starts with the submittal of a plat or plan along with a transmittal/fee form and corresponding fee.

Our office will check set-back distances, accuracy of SRA location, notation labels, if all required points were located, and if statements are accurate.

Our office will review the submitted plan or plat and send written comments to the surveyor or consultant. The response letter will indicate whether the plan is approved or what changes are needed.

Once preliminary approval is given, a final plat, with mylars, should be submitted and circulated to each reviewing agency for signature approval. Then the plat is sent to the Clerk of Court for recordation. It is assigned a Liber(book) and Folio(Page) number and then is called a “record plat.” Record plats will also bear a recordation stamp of the County Courthouse.

This approval runs with the land and remains valid until either regulations changes, the area has been altered in elevation, or the area has been altered in use.