Zoning Plan Requirements

A Zoning Permit is required for any type of use of land, detached building or structure (which is 500 square feet or less in size), above-ground swimming pool, signs, home occupations, agricultural structure, fence/wall, sign, etc. The permittee shall provide the following information along with a complete and notarized Zoning Permit application and the initial submittal fee.


Zoning Permit Plans

  1. Four (4) copies of an approved site plan if outside of public water and sewer service area; three (3) copies of an approved site plan if within public water and sewer service area (i.e. Ocean Pines, Newark, West Ocean City).The site plan should illustrate the following information:
    • Uses and sizes of existing and proposed building structures/use areas;
    • Dimensions along all property lines;
    • Distances between the proposed construction activity and any existing building structures to each other, lot lines, ditches, roads, and private well/septic, if applicable.
  2. See Fee Schedule below for permit costs.
  3. Due to the existence of wetlands, flood plains, multiple lots, public services on the property, etc., the Department may require the filing and recording of other "special" documents as part of the permit package.


Zoning Permit Fees

  1. Accessory Structures (Under 500 square feet): $50.00
  2. Use of Land (i.e. fences, home occupation ): $50.00
  3. Chicken Houses: $50.00
  4. Agricultural Structures: $50.00
  5. Signs ($1.00 per Sq. Ft. or $50.00 minimum)


Zoning Inspections

If a zoning permit has been issued, a site inspection is required after the completion of the proposed work/use to confirm compliance with zoning setbacks. Upon completion of the inspection, the applicant will receive a copy of a Zoning Cerificate for the use of the structure/use.