Talkie Communications Installs Fiber Optic

Congratulations go out to Talkie Communications, Inc. professionals who installed the fiber optic backbone on Dun Swamp Road and hooked up seven customers on this rural road to high-speed internet Monday, Nov. 15. Commissioners Ted Elder, Joshua Nordstrom, and Diana Purnell spoke with Talkie Communications professionals about their experience with rural fiber deployment, the completion of their project to install the fiber optic backbone on Dun Swamp Road, the scope of their current project to install fiber on Tulls Corner, New Bridge, and Colona Roads in Pocomoke, and their next deployment to occur in Bishopville.

Those pictured include Mike Arscott of Talkie, Commissioner Josh Nordstrom, Andrew DeMattia of Talkie, homeowner Tom Wall, Commissioners Diana Purnell and Ted Elder, Information Technology Director Brian Jones, Emergency Services Deputy Director James Hamilton, and Noel Porter and Andre DeMattia of Talkie.