Retired Public Works Director Named County Engineer of the Year

Snow Hill, Maryland (October 21, 2021) – Retired Worcester County Public Works Director John Tustin earned a state nod in October when he was named the 2021 County Engineer of the Year by the County Engineers Association of Maryland (CEAM).

Tustin, who dedicated his 36-year career with Worcester County Government (WCG) to expanding and improving public services and championing modernization of the progressive maintenance programs for county-owned buildings and grounds, received this award for his lasting contributions to Worcester County, the State of Maryland, and the CEAM.

During his career with WCG, Tustin spearheaded numerous infrastructure projects that have played an important role in shaping Worcester County. In 1986, Tustin played a key role in acquiring, designing, and developing a 724-acre property for the Central Landfill in Newark where he later oversaw the development of five landfill cells. He initiated the recycling program in 1992 and oversaw the design and construction of Samuel Bowen Boulevard, the cap and closure of three old landfill sites in Pocomoke, Snow Hill, and Berlin, and headed pump station upgrades in Ocean Pines and multiple wastewater treatment plant expansions. He also coordinated upgrades and improvements to all of the Worcester County boat ramps. Tustin was involved in the design and construction of the 1988 County Jail expansion, the construction of Healthway Drive, the Worcester County Health Department office in Berlin, and the Ocean Pines Library.

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