Phyllis Wimbrow, deputy director of Worcester County Development Review and Permitting Retires

Snow Hill, Maryland – (September 14, 2020): Phyllis Wimbrow, deputy director of Worcester County Development Review and Permitting (DRP) will retire effective September 18 after 36 years of public service to the community.

“Phyllis’s leading role with the county inspired positive changes,” Chief Administrative Officer Harold Higgins said. “She effected change because she knows who we are as a rural, seaside county and what we are about and what we value as we strive to balance the demands of growth and protection of our natural resources.”

Wimbrow joined DRP in September 1984 as an economic development planner, reviewing and processing plans for commercial and multi-family projects. She was later promoted to the position of planner, where she took on responsibility for processing rezoning requests and amendments to the Zoning and Subdivision Control Article. In 2000, Wimbrow stepped into the position of DRP deputy director, where she played a key role in the overall management of the department.

“When I began working in DRP, I was one of only seven employees,” Wimbrow said. “Even though I had earned a bachelor’s degree in geography and regional planning, it was former DRP Director Hal Morris and former County Attorney Ed Hammond who mentored me in the early days. They taught me the real inner workings of the department and imparted the practical knowledge I needed to help DRP protect the health, safety, and welfare of the general public.”

Because of her planning knowledge and experience, she took a leading role during the comprehensive updating of the 1992 Zoning Code and Subdivision Control Article, the 2009 Zoning Code and Zoning Map Amendments, and the 2009 Design Guidelines and Standards for Commercial Development. She also processed Zoning Code text amendments, wrote numerous legislative bills, and assisted in the planning process for Samuel Bowen Boulevard, the U.S. Rt. 50 Service Road.

“I will truly miss Phyllis and hope she has a terrific retirement and enjoys the fruits of her labor,” DRP Director Ed Tudor said. “She has been much more than just a colleague over the span of my career, but has been a true friend as well. I wish her all the best.”

Wimbrow and her husband, Harry, own and operate Wimbrow Farms. In retirement, Wimbrow plans to take a more active role in the family business and will be out and about at area farmers markets from May through October.

She passes the torch of leadership to incoming DRP Deputy Director Jennifer Keener, a member of the American Planning Association and a certified planner (AICP). Keener brings 15 years of experience in planning and site plan review to her new position.

For additional information, contact Public Information Officer Kim Moses at (410) 632-1194.