Comprehensive Critical Area Code Update

The Department of Environmental Programs is inviting community members and developers to review the newly introduced Bill No. 21-8 of the Worcester County Code that governs Worcester County’s Critical Area Law.  The public hearing on the legislation will be held at a future legislative meeting on December 7, 2021.  This introduced legislation represents a comprehensive rewrite of the existing law which was undertaken under the approval of the Worcester County Commissioners. The Bill simply codifies the combination of our existing programs and provides updates in accordance with State law changes that are already enforced by staff.  It does not address or include any additional regulations over and above that which we already must apply, or have been agreed to in prior local amendments to this code.

View the text of the bill here.  

The regulatory process include two (2) public listening sessions in different areas of the county for informational exchanges and questions concerning the revised law.  They will be held on:

Northern County
October 20, 2021– Ocean Pines Library Meeting Room from 4:30 PM-6:30 PM

Southern County
​October 27, 2021– Worcester County Government Building, 1ST Floor Conference Room from 5 PM-7 PM

Comments and questions received at these meetings will be summarized for the public hearing in December.

Feedback/comments on the bill will be accepted. Please email Jenelle Gerthoffer at jgerthoffer@co.worcester.md.us or fax at 410-632-2012.