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    The primary indentification for dogs and cats is their TAG worn on their collar. All other I.D. is considered secondary.
  95 % of the lost pets found without a tag DO NOT get home !
  95 % of lost pets found with a tag DO get home
   A lost pet`s BEST ticket home is a tag worn on its collar.

MACO award

Spay Neuter Program Wins State Recogntion

Micro Chipping sevice will be available during spay/neuter clinics only at the present time. Cost will be $ 25 per cat/dog. The procedure is no more painful than any vaccination done on the animal. The chip is the new ISO universally accepted 15 number chip and is smaller than a grain of rice. Registration of the chip is free. It is produced by DATAMARS and is registered  at petlink.net. Call our office to set an appointment.410.632.1340


Lost/Found: Animal Control picked up the following animals:see pics below.
Please call 410.632.1340 if your pet matches a description of an animal we have picked up.

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Worcester low cost spay and neuter clinics are held two consecutive Mondays a month. Now with rabies clinics we are offering micro chipping services, more information to follow.
The cost is $50.00 to spay or neuter cats. The cost for dogs is $100.00 to spay or
neuter. Current Rabies certificates are required, if vaccination is not current, there
will be an additional $10 fee. Appointements are required, please call
410.632.1340 to schedule an appointment. County
Rabies Vaccination and Licensing FAQs

  • Does my pet have to be vaccinated for rabies?
    Yes. Maryland law and regulation require all dogs, cats and ferrets age 4 months and older must be adequately vaccinated against rabies. Rabies shots typically expire after one to three years depending on the animal’s age and the type of vaccine used. 
  • Where can I get a rabies vaccination for my pet?
    Rabies vaccinations are available through area veterinary offices. Worcester County Health Department and Animal Control partner to provide semi-annual rabies clinics at a cost of only $5 per pet. Dates, times and locations will be announced to the public and media.
  • Do both cats and dogs have to be licensed?
    Yes. Worcester County law requires that any dog or cat older than 4 months must be licensed in the county.
  • How do I license my cat or dog?
    Many licensed veterinarians and Animal Control have the authority to issue a dog or cat license and issue the license tag.  Contact your vet or Worcester County Animal Control for more information at 410-632-1340.
  • Do I have to renew the dog or cat license?
    Licenses are only valid while the pet’s rabies vaccination is valid. Before a license is issued, the pet owner must prove that the dog or cat has been vaccinated against rabies and that the vaccination is still effective. 
  •  What happens if I lose the license tag?
    You present your pet’s rabies vaccination certificate to Animal Control to receive a new license.