Worcester County Roads

Frank Adkins, Superintendent
5764 Worcester Highway, Snow Hill, MD 21863
Ph: 410-632-2244 / Fax: 410: 410-632-0020

The Roads Division is responsible for the day to day operation of County roads. This work includes road repairs, paving, drainage, limbing, cutting grass, and plowing snow. Approximately 35 employees assist in maintaining over 571 miles of roads and 35 bridges. The Roads Division is responsible for the maintenance and installation of traffic signs, marking of County roadways, processing of commercial entrance bonds and road bonds, and periodic inspections of newly constructed roads and bridges to assure they meet County specifications.

The Roads Division of Worcester County Public Works operates on a four-day, 10-hour per day work week. Hours of operation are: Monday through Thursday from 6:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., offices closed on Fridays. The Roads Division is located 5764 Worcester Highway in Snow Hill (for directions).

Frank Adkins - Superintendent
Email: fadkins@co.worcester.md.us