High tides and storm surge through Monday night likely to cause bay and coastal flooding in Worcester

Worcester County is experiencing the effects of Tropical Storm Hermine. Beginning late Saturday night through Monday night, areas along the bay and coast will likely experience storm surge, with moderate flooding through the next five high-tide cycles.

Worcester County Emergency Services (WCES) Director Fred Webster urges residents and visitors to implement common-sense measures to protect themselves from the storm.

·         Those residing in low-lying areas prone to flooding or those residing in mobile homes should familiarize themselves with the high-tide cycles in their areas and be prepared to move to higher ground if needed.

·         Motorists who encounter flooded roadways should not attempt to drive through standing water. Instead, turn around and take another route.

·         Stay tuned to the local television and radio stations for the latest weather updates. 

Worcester County will provide further information as it becomes available.