Theodore "Ted" J. Elder

Vice President
Election District: 

Theodore J. Elder was elected as a County Commissioner in 2014 and is currently serving his first term in office. Commissioner Elder represents the County Commissioners as a voting member of the Tri-County Council (TCC) for the Lower Eastern Shore of Maryland and the Health Planning Advisory Council.

Commissioner Elder has been a Worcester County bus contractor for 25 years and has been president of the Bus Contractor’s Association for the past 20 years. He filled in as a teacher for one term at the Worcester Technical High School. Elder has been a successful county business owner/operator since 1982. Prior to owning his own business, he managed a local service station. Elder and his wife, Joyce, reside in Whaleyville. The couple has three children, four grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Contact information

7823 Whaleyville Road
Whaleyville, Maryland 21872

(443) 783-4265