Delmarva Power Warns of Meter Reader Scams

WILMINGTON, Del. – Delmarva Power has been notified by law enforcement and its customers of persons posing as Delmarva Power meter readers.  Almost all of Delmarva Power’s electric meters are Smart Meters that can be read remotely.  However, the company still employees around a dozen meter readers throughout the service territory to read the minimal amount of traditional meters still in use as well as help to properly maintain the entire pool of Smart Meters.

If customers or members of the public have questions or concerns about a meter reader or suspect a person is posing as a meter reader, Delmarva Power invites anyone to contact customer care at: 1-800-375-7117.  When speaking with a Delmarva Power customer care representative, notify the representative of the location in question and ask if official Delmarva Power work conducted in that vicinity. If the Delmarva Power call center cannot verify any official work or personnel that are scheduled area, please contact local authorities or dial 911.
Official Delmarva Power field personal including contractors representing the company are required to have the following:

  1. A Delmarva Power identification badge which is to be worn and visible at all times.  If a Delmarva Power employee is asked to display his/her badge for safety purposes by anyone including customers and authorities, he or she must always comply.
  2. Delmarva Power clothing.
  3. An official Delmarva Power vehicle or Delmarva Power contract company vehicle with clearly marked Delmarva Power logos on the driver and passenger side doors.

This holiday season and throughout the year Delmarva’s Powers focus is safety and customer service excellence.  The company will continue to work with local law enforcement to alert our customers regarding any scams or fraudulent activity that jeopardizes their safety or misrepresents our company.
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