Detour Meadow Bridge Road - Bridge Replacement

Updated 11/16/2017

The  Meadowbridge Road bridge replacement work will begin on November 20, 2017.  The roadway closure should not exceed 120 days from the above Notice to Proceed date.

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The Department of Public Works – Roads Division is planning to replace the Meadowbridge Road Bridge during the summer of 2017.  During the replacement process it will be necessary to implement a detour due to the closure of Meadowbridge Road.  Attached you will find a map and detour directions explaining the detour.  The detour will be posted a week prior to the commencement of work.  The roadway closure is expected to last approximately 90 days.  Please submit any comments by May 26, 2017 to Frank Adkins  fadkins@co.worcester.md.us or call 410.632.2244. 


• Petes Hill Road to McGrath Road is approximately 3.8 miles and 6 minutes
• Meadowbridge Road to Stevens Road is approximately 2.3 miles and 4 minutes
• McGrath Road to Meadowbridge Road is approximately 3.5 miles and 5 minutes