Closed and Damaged Roadways in Worcester County

Worcester County would like to remind you to be cautious as you drive on roads not flooded, make sure to look out for storm debris that could still remain on the roadways. Take extra precautions if you are forced to drive through standing water.

Drive slowly and steadily through the water. Remember "turn around don't drown".

Each year more deaths occur due to flooding that from any other thunderstorm related hazard. 

Closed Roads due to damage:

  • Snow Hill Road (Rt. 12) at Sirman Road
  • Big Mill Rd from Swan Gut to Silva Road
  • Rt. 113 near Betheden Church Road (one southbound lane closed)

Roads closed due to high water:

  • Red House Road
  • Creek Road
  • Sand Road
  • Porters Crossing Road
  • Whiton Crossing Road