June is Elder Abuse Awareness Month

June 4, 2019, the Commissioners join with Jamie Manning, Department of Social Services (DSS) Assistant Director of Services, and other DSS and Commission on Aging (COA) professionals to recognize June as Elder Abuse Awareness Month, to recognize that each year elder abuse robs nearly 2.1 million senior citizens of their sense of dignity and self worth, and to urge the public to recognize the signs of physical, emotional, or sexual abuse, neglect, abandonment, financial exploitation, or healthcare fraud, and to advocate to prevent or end abuse. Those pictured include DSS professionals Meg Marcarelli (front row, from left), Barbara Stevenson, Jamie Manning, Terry Whitney, and Tracey Age; Commissioners Josh Nordstrom (second row, from left), Diana Purnell and Chip Bertino, and COA Director Rob Heart; and Commissioners Ted Elder (third row, from left), Jim Bunting, Bud Church, and Joe Mitrecic.