Forest Stewardship Plan

Worcester County Commissioners have recently received a draft Forest Stewardship plan for the Illia Fehrer Nature Preserve located on Assateague Road just east of Berlin.  This plan will provide a roadmap for future activities to follow on the 437 acre property and in additional open the door for potential funding to implement activities via various Federal and/or State cost-share programs.  Activities may include reforestation, wetland restoration, passive recreation, low impact trail networks, and educational outreach programs.   Citizens of the County are encouraged to review the plan and contact County staff with any questions and/or concerns.  Written or emailed comments will be accepted until the close of business on February 27, 2017.  These comments will be incorporated into the County Commissioners final review and potential approval of the plan on March 7th. 

Contact:  David M. Bradford Jr., Deputy Director, Department of Environmental Programs, (410) 632-1220, dbradford@co.worcester.md.us