Worcester County Emergency Services urges Residents to Prepare for Cold Weather

January 6, 2017, the National Weather Service is calling for snow accumulations tonight ranging from six to 12 inches for the Lower Eastern Shore. The Maryland State Police (MSP) will institute a Snow Emergency Plan in Worcester County effective Saturday, Jan. 7, at 2 a.m., meaning parking will be prohibited on state highways designated as snow emergency routes, and vehicles traveling on these roads should be equipped with all season radials or snow tires.

The Worcester County Sheriff’s Office and Worcester County Emergency Services (WCES) urge residents to remain indoors and stay off the roads once conditions deteriorate.

The heaviest snow accumulations are expected to take place from 4 a.m. through noon on Saturday. Those who must venture out onto area roadways are warned to exercise extreme caution, as slick conditions and periods of low visibility will make driving hazardous.

Hypothermia can occur quickly when exposed to low temperatures. Bundle up if headed outdoors. Wear layers of lightweight clothing that can be added to or removed as needed and protect extremities by wearing gloves and hats. Be sure to protect pets from the cold as well by bringing them indoors and assuring they have access to unfrozen water