DRP and Environmental Programs Satellite Offices at Isle of Wight Office Complex to Close in June

June 29, 2018 will be the last day Development Review and Permitting (DRP) and Environmental Programs staff operate satellite offices at the Isle of Wight offices in Bishopville to consolidate their respective services in one location. Beginning July 2, DRP and Environmental Programs services will be centralized at the Worcester County Government Center in Snow Hill. 

The Treasurer’s Office and Health Department will continue to operate satellite offices at the Isle of Wight Office Complex. A “Drop Box” for documents and submittals to both DRP and Environmental Programs will be located in the Treasurer’s Office at the Isle of Wight building for the public’s convenience during normal business hours. Online applications can be downloaded from the websites of the two departments.

DRP implements a wide variety of regulations and programs, primarily pertaining to land-use activities. These include permits, building construction, site plans and subdivisions, Geographic Information Services (GIS), long range planning and pre-and post-disaster. DRP also issues liquor licenses and renewals, roadside stand licenses, and vending licenses. For more information or for assistance, contact DRP at 410-632-1200.

Environmental Programs implements and enforces a wide variety of regulations and programs primarily pertaining to environmental and natural resource management for land use activities. These include the Bay Restoration Fund grant program, beach monitoring, campgrounds and mobile home parks, community hygiene, equivalent dwelling unit (EDU) transfers, gas and plumbing inspection and plan review, sanitary service area expansions, sediment and erosion control, shared facilities, shoreline construction, sludge application, stormwater management, transient non-community water systems, wastewater haulers, and well and septic. Environmental Programs also oversees programs involving forest conservation, the Chesapeake and Atlantic Coastal Bays Critical Areas, farmland preservation, natural resource protection, and water and sewer planning. For more information or for assistance, contact Environmental Programs at 410-632-1220.