Worcester County Dept. of Liquor Control

Robert L. Cowger Jr., Director
5363 Snow Hill Road
Snow Hill, Maryland 21863
Phone: 410.632.1250
Fax: 410.632.3010


Worcester County acquired total operations of the Liquor Control Board July 1, 2011 and re-classified it as a Department of Liquor Control.  The D.L.C. operates 5 retail stores and provides a 2-day a week delivery service to approximately 200 Licensees in Worcester County.

At the end of each fiscal year 100% of the profits from the D.L.C. are distributed among Worcester County and the four municipalities. 

The goals of the Commissioners for acquiring the L.C.B. was to

  • (1) preserve local jobs

  • (2) continue providing services to small business in Worcester County

  • (3) protect and preserve revenue to the County and Towns