Civil Division

Court Security

The Court Security Division of the Worcester County Sheriff's Office consists of 27 deputies, eight full time deputies, and nineteen part time deputies. Court Security is responsible for the security of the Courthouse, four judges, five courtrooms,jury sessions, eighteen offices, and the Government Office Building.

Everyone entering the Courthouse or Government Center must pass through a screening system that utilizes a metal detector and an x-ray machine. Monitoring during business and non-business hours is done by officers both assigned and roving throughout the building and supplemented by cameras, VCR's, duress alarms, and electronic doors.

For Courthouse Security or Civil Process questions, write or call: 

Worcester County Sheriff's Office
1 West Market Street, Room 1001
Snow Hill, MD 21863
Phone: (410) 632-1112
Fax: (410) 632-3070

Civil Paper

Served Papers

  • Landlord complaints (Tenant Holding Over and Failure to pay Rent): 1168
  • Evictions (Warrant of Restitution and Writ of Possession: 272
  • Attachments of property (Garnishments and Writ of Executions): 116
  • Show Cause: 126
  • Orders of Court: 129
  • Criminal Summons: 240
  • Juvenile papers (Any paper dealing with Juveniles): 1012
  • Paternity: 1042
  • Summons: 1095
  • Subpeonas: 5189
  • Total of all papers for the Civil Division: 10499

Prisoner Transports consisted of 273 trips transporting 319 persons in custody for a total of 66434 miles without any escapes or vehicle damage (accidents).