Liquor Control

122 Newtowne Blvd.
Pocomoke, MD 21851  

Phone: (410) 957-3912



Worcester County acquired total operations of the Liquor Control Board July 1, 2011, and re-classified it as the Department of Liquor Control.  The D.L.C. operates 1 retail store located in Pocomoke City, MD. 

At the end of each fiscal year 100% of the profits from the D.L.C. are distributed among Worcester County and the four municipalities.

The goals of the Commissioners for acquiring the L.C.B. was to:

  • Preserve local jobs.
  • Continue providing services to small business in Worcester County.
  • Protect and preserve revenue to the County and Towns.


As of 3/1/2016, we have discontinued support for ordering through the online store. Please contact us directly using the phone number above.



  • Beginning July 1, 2014, a licensee in Worcester County may elect to purchase wine or liquor from a Maryland licensed wholesaler by providing written notice at least 60 days before purchasing activity is to start.  The notice shall contain (1) the name of the licensee, (2) the name and address of the licensed premise, and (3) the date that the notice was sent to the department.  Worcester County D.L.C. will then issue a letter of confirmation to the licensee that meets the requirements to purchase wine or liquor from a Maryland licensed wholesaler in addition to or instead of the Worcester County D.L.C.  The Licensee shall display the letter of confirmation conspicuously on the licensed premise.

Department Administration

Laura Burns-Reinhart

Liquor Control Director

5363 Snow Hill Road
Snow Hill, Maryland 21863

Phone: (410) 632-1250
Fax: (410) 632-3010