Fire Inspections


The responsibility of the Worcester County Fire Marshal's Office is to enforce the Worcester County Fire Prevention Code.

This is accomplished through consulting and plan reviews for new structures and by physically inspecting buildings under construction or already existing. During inspections and special sessions, inspectors also educate the public about all aspects of fire and life safety practices.


The Worcester County Fire Marshal, Chief Deputy Fire Marshal, Deputy Fire Marshals, and Fire Safety Inspectors have the authority to enforce and perform the duties required under COMAR 29.06.01 (Maryland State Fire Prevention Code) and Code of Public Local Laws for Worcester County PS 1-201 & PS 1-401 (Worcester County Fire Prevention Code).

The Worcester County Fire Marshal and Deputies are deputized by the Maryland State Fire Marshal under the Annotated Code of Maryland, Title 6, §6-305, §6-307, §6,309, §6-310, §6-311, §6-312, §6-317, §6,318, §6-319 and §6-320 and the authority of a police officer when investigating fire related crimes under the Code of Public Local Laws for Worcester County PS 1-301(d).

To schedule an inspection contact our office at 410-632-5666 Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.

InspectorsCertified Fire Protection Specialist Seal

All employees are required to take courses and become recognized as a Certified Fire Inspector through the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute as well as the National Fire Service Professional Qualifications Board. Additionally, we have three Certified Fire Protection Specialists on staff.