Radio Services

Radio repair form
* Please note that the radio repair process has changed as of May, 2017. See the form for updated submission instructions.


Worcester County operates an 800 Mhz analog/digital trunked radio system designed and built by M/A-Com, a division of Tyco Industries. The EDACS system provides clear radio communications for not only the County's public safety agencies but also most of the other county departments. Technology in the system allows for Worcester County units to seamlessly operate between the county system and a similar system in Ocean City .

The modular design will enable Worcester County to incorporate future technologies by expanding the system as requirements grow and new technologies are developed.

800 MHz Frequencies

  • 855.96250
  • 856.46250
  • 857.46250
  • 857.7125
  • 858.4625
  • 858.71250
  • 859.46250
  • 859.71250
  • 860.46250
  • 860.71250

VHF Paging Frequencies

  • 155.100 (Fire/EMS Dispatch)
  • 155.865 (Fire & EMS working talk group repeater)


Maryland Eastern Shore Interoperability Network

In September 2003 Worcester County was awarded a $5.6 million dollar federal grant to develop an interoperable communications project. After a year and a half MESIN was unveiled at the Maryland Emergency Management Agency's (MEMA) emergency operations center in Reisterstown . MESIN allows public safety agencies in all nine Maryland Eastern Shore Counties, and Ocean City, to communicate with each other through a M/ACom Network First® system. Field units can switch to a "calling" channel monitored at MEMA and then be assigned one of four "tactical" channels for as long as needed. MEMA and all the county 911 centers on the Shore have the ability to activate and de-activate a series of repeaters in each county to produce the interoperable link.

Future expansion of the system is expected to link MESIN with the Central Maryland Area Regional Communications (CMARC) system. This would allow units in one of the five Central Maryland counties to communicate with Eastern Shore units.