Residential Building Requirements

Construction Plans

Submit 3 (for stick built) or 4 (for modular) Sets of Construction Plan Drawings showing the following:

Proposed Structure Construction method:

  • Site built
  • Pre-engineered
  • Manufactured – Requires manufacture information including installation details, floor plans, elevations, dimensions, etc.
  • Modular – Requires State of Maryland approved drawings with any site details necessary for construction (foundation, decks, additions, etc.).  Provide set-up manual including drawings (¼ inch to 1 foot scale).

Contractor Information:

  • Primary Contractor contact information and license number (MHB for new structures and MHIC for improvements/additions) – On permit application.  License credentials will be verified with State of Maryland database.
  • Electrical Contractor – contact and license credentials are required at application for electrical permit which will supplement the building permit.
  • HVAC Contractor – Credentials required at framing inspections.
  • Building Performance Contractor – Certified Professional (as approved by Worcester County) listed but not required at permit application on Worcester County 2012 IECC form.  Final building performance testing is required to pass by a certified test agency to receive Certificate of Use and Occupancy.

Foundation Plan:

  • Outside Foundation Dimensions
  • Pier Size and Spacing
  • Foundation Vents and locations – Note if flood designed.
  • Foundation wall thickness
  • Footing dimensions including depth
  • Framing details, joist size, and on-center spacing and beam size and spacing.
  • If using existing foundation, the same information is required.
  • The department may require engineered foundation for special circumstances and/or soil tests/certifications.
  • If the project is determined to be in a flood zone, existing elevation information may be required to determine additional construction requirements.

First Floor Plan:

  • Show and dimension all proposed interior and exterior rooms and spaces.  Label each room for purpose.
  • Floor plans for interior renovations and additions, show existing room sizes and proposed new room/addition dimensions.  Where connecting an addition to an existing structure, show connecting details.
  • All kitchen and bathroom details for major plumbing and appliances.
  • Doors and dimensions and attic access.
  • Beams, headers and girders if any.  Roof construction details depending on truss or frame design.
  • Stairs, stairwells and handrails.  Stair width, ascent/decent direction, number of risers and treads and riser heights.

Upper Floor plans (Same as first floor plans plus):

  • Attic access and ceiling break lines, if applicable.  Provide ceiling height at break line.
  • Label spaces open to below.

Building Sections:

  • Footer to ridge cross section of new structure showing construction detail.
  • For additions, include cross section of existing condition and structural attachment method to new addition.
  • Show all materials including but not limited to - gypsum board, insulation, wall sheathing, and siding including the thickness, type and R value rating of the insulation.


  • Include elevation drawings of at least front, rear and side appropriate to determine major features and dimensions.
  • Label height of structure and highest roof peak from existing grade.
  • Dimension the height of each story.
  • Chimney or ornamental roof design feature height
  • Roof pitch and material of construction.
  • Roof and crawl space ventilation if applicable.
  • Siding material.
  • Doors and windows locations with schedule showing sizes, location, R, U and solar heat transfer coefficients (SHTC).

Energy Code

  • Completion of Worcester County 2012 IECC Energy Code requirements signed by owner and contractor.  All residential building projects, except open deck additions, require the completion of the Worcester County 2012 IECC Energy Code requirements form.
  • If using the prescriptive UA Alternative RESCHECK model then this information must be supplied with plan permit application.  Plans must include insulation values per the RESCHECK model to be approved.  If changes occur during construction, a new RESCHECK model must be submitted and approved to complete the project which shows all changes.
  • Final documentation submitted for Certificate or Use and Occupancy must include the proper compliance information – Prescriptive, Rescheck or Performance.  Building envelope R-Values must match the method of compliance.
  • If using the performance option to comply, additional information is required to be submitted by a design professionals, certified performance professional or professional engineer for review and approval by Worcester County.
  • Final Blower Door building envelope leakage testing and duct leakage testing is required.  These tests must be performed by a County Approved test contractor having training/certifications to perform tests per the 2012 IECC.  Test companies are generally holding BPI or RESNET certifications.


Residential Building Permit Fees

  • Stick Built Houses, Modular Homes and Additions
    • Minimum fee: $50.00 payable at time of submittal (NON-REFUNDABLE).
    • Habital Area (Stick Built House, Addition & Modular Homes) Square Footage x $48.12 x .0055
    • Non-Habital Area (Garages, Covered Decks, etc.) Square Footage x $22.62 x .0055
    • Open Decks - Square Footage x $15.00 x .0055
  • Mobile Homes: $100.00
  • Accessory Structures (Greater than 500 square feet): Square Footage x $22.62 x .0055


Other Design Requirements

Flood hazard zones requirements

Minimum wind resistance requirements